Hello there, Thanks for the curiosity of knowing about me… ha what I should say about me?

Am I a writer? — May be

Am I a healer? — Well not completely

Then what Am I? A curious person who thought of running this website just to see who else comes for this page…

haha just kidding.

In this most beautiful creation of the universe…in the middle of nowhere where we exist on this earth feeling like we are on top of everything need some kind of thing to hang on or hold on or to just breathe in right? this is where I came in to just add some positivity and fun to both you and me.

Because no matter what we do, we have to go, and no matter how much we hide…we have to deal with things and live life right. Then only we can live and love and go happily. This page is about my thoughts, and observations on my life incidents (PS: I can only experience my life irrespective of what I do, isn’t it? Haha).

Will update more about myself as I grow as person.

It was nice to see you today just going through this page to just know who I am

Lot’s of love from the universe…

Lot’s of love from yourself..

Hope you do what you need to do to go beyond what you think you are.

Thank you for coming here…Love Life & Live Life