Hey guys, welcome to today’s topic “Patience”. Normally we hear this word many times right when people refer to those who are very calm when things are not going well, or in a proper way they define this as the capacity to tolerate different situations.
The most famous line we hear all the time is “Have patience, sab teek hojayega”.
Really? Will everything be okay if we have patience? if we observe the period when we are going through so many things, it is the period where we lose our grip. This phase of life everyone has to go, such that they will know the real magic of life. It is not always about the sadness of life or hardships in life because having patience in times of hardships will give you hope and trust within yourself and faith in the higher power, we believe in.
There is another kind of patience on the surface level which focuses on daily day-to-day activities. So let me give you some situations
1. You have a test in school or college but forgot your ID card not at home but on the bike, you came to college.
2. You woke up saying this is going to be a great day. Later found out your colleague took a leave and you had to complete their work today itself because of the deadlines.
3. You wanted to try a new diet that consists of having fresh juice in the morning, but sadly there is a power cut in your town/place.
4. You thought of going to meet your loved ones but the roads are already filled with loud ones (haha “Traffic”).
If we go on like this there will be many scenarios where we easily lose our patience, and that’s okay because it happens to everyone and you don’t need to blame yourself. But if we don’t find a solution to why we feel like something is disturbing you or your state of mind then we are in trouble. For example, imagine you said to your daughter to clean the house, because you are doing some other work or feeling tired, and imagine she did it, observe how you feel. Calm and relieved right because that work is already done and you get some time to sleep or do another thing. Now imagine she didn’t do it and how you feel about it, you feel like scolding her right (Note: This is an imaginary situation and it’s independent of individual people and how they are). Now observe what the difference there is about her doing the thing. or the work is getting done? If your anger or disturbance in your mind is based on someone else’s thinking like they have to do that, then most of the time you think you are more than them.
Let’s imagine another situation,
On a particular day, you thought of going to a local restaurant, you went there and you ordered something to eat but it took time because of the rush in the restaurant. Imagine it took 30 min instead of 15 min for the food you ordered. How do you feel? You feel frustrated, and you automatically think “Are yaar, how long will it take” “I could have gone to that corner one they serve much faster” “Look at them did they just forget I am here” blah…blah…blah… everything you think of at the situation you will tell to yourself or with the others who came with you irrespective of the reason why the food came late right?
Now imagine you went to a 5 * haha A big named restaurant and now they took 40 min what will you do? Do you complain about that? Most of the time we don’t do that because we already know that’s not our place and we automatically become humble and patient. We do respect that they are taking time no matter how we are feeling inside. We smile whenever they come and help us with water, getting tissues, etc. Now observe you are losing patience because of the type of restaurant you are sitting in. Obviously no. So many situations indeed impact our day-to-day lives and not only these for example not having the meals at the same time will make you go on a roller coaster ride for free. Not getting things done, not getting the things that you wanted, not having the pet you wished for (that’s a whole complete business right haha) not being you not understanding what you are worthy of, and keeping unnecessary high expectations for the imaginary beautiful life will always make you become anxious and lose patience.
So, what we can do now? I am not a doctor to suggest that (haha) but we can start slow, yes slow there will be many situations that happen out of our control in those times.
1. Try to calm your breath (take two deep inhalations and exhalations)
2. Try to smile: I know you may think like why do we smile at that time but do smile at least make your face as cheers and make your teeth visible for 2 minutes.
3. If that disturbing situation is caused by another one, don’t talk. Don’t say anything; walk away from there or count numbers and have a cup of water. Give some time for the situation to calm down and then discuss and process those thoughts by giving them a solution.

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