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Have you ever observed why we do what we do? Is it because of the patterns already fixed in our minds or the situations that happen around us daily? Have you ever thought about what and all the factors that influence every thought every day in our day-to-day lives?
Exactly, how do we actually know whether it is a thought or thinking whenever we say we are thinking, are we really thinking the thought or are we really thinking? what does thinking mean? From what I have observed, thought is a point like some idea or some incident or a bit of an incident that pops up every second.
It does not contain any kind of activity it just comes and goes like how trees go when we are travelling but really trees move anywhere? NO. then what is moving? US. Similarly thought just moves in and out the only thing that can make it stop is thinking. How does it happen? when any thought occurs if we focus on the thought of why that came? on that day why did that happen? then it becomes thinking.
Now this thinking is conscious or unconscious? Are all thoughts conscious? absolutely no, as we are growing up we face different situations from time to time that force us to work on multiple threads/processes at a single time. These times give clarity but sometimes give confusion which results in anxiety because it is not processed correctly and doesn’t arrive at any conclusion. But any thinking that is happening in the mind is always recycled. YES observe for example watching a movie for the first time and a second time differs in how our mind is reacting.
The first time we don’t know what that movie is about, how they shot the story or the jokes or the dialogues in that scenario our mind just tries to add that information mostly like a database. The second time it is like retrieving based upon the scene on the screen it retrieves the next scene this happens for every situation. We cannot think of new situations we can only rewind and reiterate what is already there.
Our brain is always logical, and our heart is always emotional which is why always need to be in balance. If not, we know it will become psychological or nervous problems as aging. If we become more logical we don’t give space to emotions then we become boring after a certain time not only for other people but for us also. If we become emotional that’s another story. this is life when everything is balanced then only we can be at peace which is the first step for a satisfied life. If we dissect and inject everything into some other and other things we can’t find a reason why we are even living in the first place. So please differ when you are thinking and when you have a thought, will discuss more on the brain and thought going further.

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