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It takes whole 3 days to plan New Year resolutions to just stop following them after two days. Isn’t it? Or are you the person who follows at least for […]
In India, it is common thing that we put other people’s lives and their needs before ours. If you are unsatisfied with yourself, this is not a bad thing or […]
competition is a common thing and is important to grow and learn more about our strengths, however, it should not exceed the healthy limit and make space for your ego. […]
Hey Guys, thank you for being here. Sivani is a young adult, who is starting her career and went through deep thinking about why she is the way she is, […]
Do we need to decide what the path is? what is a path? How do we normally decide what we want to do in this life? How can we figure […]
Hey guys, thank you for being here. Being grateful, we all heard these two words at some point in our lives. Didn’t we? From my childhood, my family situation was […]
Hey guys, thank you for being here We know glasses right? From our spectacles, mirrors, cars, and windows, to our hearts. everything is as subtle as glass. One big hit […]
Hello Everyone, Thank you for being here. Have you ever observed why we do what we do? Is it because of the patterns already fixed in our minds or the […]
Hey guys, welcome to today’s topic “Patience”. Normally we hear this word many times right when people refer to those who are very calm when things are not going well, […]