It takes whole 3 days to plan New Year resolutions to just stop following them after two days. Isn’t it? Or are you the person who follows at least for a couple of months?

We will explore why we lack consistency in our goals and what can we do about it. First, let’s explore some reasons why we are not consistent with our goals.

  1. We are comfortable with what we are familiar with.
  2. Unfavorable Circumstances.

Let’s delve into each point,

We are comfortable with what we are familiar with:

As human beings, it is a natural tendency to find relativity in everything we have and do. We always identify ourselves with one or the other thing, like having a job like someone in a good company or agreeing to some commitments just to stay relatable, etc.,

It is not wrong, but you what it will do? It will make you into a machine that just goes on working for everyone but yourself. We do start looking for everything outside happiness, joy, pleasure everything from outside. That is one of the reasons why we came to this instant gratification.

Cause in general life sucks, yes it does. It is not because it is something bad or unbearable, it is just that we lost control over ourselves. This is why in the first sense when we start a new habit it is difficult to even think of doing it the next day. It feels like a heavy weight we are carrying which we know we are doing to for our good but we won’t allow it to blossom.

Unfavorable Circumstances:

It is true that our environment do matter in everything that we do, it has the power to make or break us. If we are living with family and they kind of follow some routine of waking up at certain time and do certain things in a way. It might be difficult to change and it takes lot of conscious effort to get into any kind of routine, because their emotions, actions, and their lifestyle effects a lot of decisions that we make or behave.

If you are staying alone or having a job or kids or any reason sometimes situations may not be favorable as it seems, which kind of makes us to not even start in the first place.

Is there any solution for this? Yes
  1. Know your why? haha I am not talking about the book. The habit or the change or the new routine you want to include in your life. Ask yourself the question “why you want to implement this change into your life?”
  2. Write down the pros of implementing the habit and cons of implementing the habit.
  3. Take three deep breaths – Inhale with your nose, and exhale with your mouth.
  4. Now strikeout what you really felt like an excuse that your mind is giving because it doesn’t want to change.

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You will be left with the real situations are the limitations/conditions that you kept in your mind. Now take action to prove the situations that you are more capable than those conditions, which you really are.

There is this saying that “Mind is a wonderful servant, but a terrible master”. The one who guides you is not the mind but the conscious itself. Which itself has the capacity and the capability to implement anything you want in your life.

There is another saying also that “The very reason you have a desire to do something or change something or to achieve something is the very reason you are capable of doing it”. – Yes, observe when you really really want something in your life. You really put your energy into it and visualize that thing that you desire till the end, right?

Life works in the same way. You have the desire, you did manifestation, you visualized it, doesn’t matter. Just work for it. The very work you do everyday consistently moves you to the day which you have been really wishing your whole life. JUST DO IT, DO IT CONSISTENTLY!

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