Hey guys, thank you for being here.
Being grateful, we all heard these two words at some point in our lives. Didn’t we?
From my childhood, my family situation was such that we were below average middle-class family. That means we don’t come under middle class but we are not poor. So, being raised in this kind of family, imagine what will be my most important dream?
Yes, once I get the money means once I start earning, I will make sure that I buy everything that I want. Did that happen? Well actually yes. But if you ask, did it give you that satisfaction or that completeness that you got when you bought 5 rupees of chocolate after saving each penny you got in your childhood? NO.
So exactly when did this “Being Grateful” come into the picture in my life?
Irrespective of all the things that I haven’t got including chocolates, greeting cards, stickers, and dresses (even if they are not fitting or comfortable).
I have always had this image of doing big things and making it big in the world. Which also made me belittle the things that I already have. I have a family, a mother, a father, a whole family who are not at all perfect but they all gave their best to live. I have had a good education, I never went to bed without food, and I never slept on the road. Aren’t these things enough to be grateful?
The ability to see, feel, talk, hear, smell, hold, love, and be are the real gifts we have. I never thought those were important till my cousin made me realize.
This happened last year, my cousin always wanted to become a government official. But his father wanted him to get a free seat for medicine (based on their situation). My cousin is intelligent from his childhood, but they didn’t know the path after 10th standard. Till 10th standard, his parents were able to guide them because they studied till 10th standard. After that the path was alone. So, they made him join BiPC in the nearby college which is popular in our town, but that college is not yet there to produce a student who can clear medicine to get a government seat. So, he joined a degree and now he is preparing for government exams.
Once I asked him “Haven’t you got angry that we didn’t get into a good college after 10th standard? If it had happened you would have been in a medicine-related field, right?”
He replied, “It is not about getting angry, I felt like we did not have the resources to know about the path. Now I am getting time to prepare for government exams also, this is what I always wanted. That’s it”.
That got me like a big slap in my face. I have always got what I needed at the right time; I was always there at the right place. Whatever the situations, problems, or traumas, anything that hurts me is because of my way of viewing and unresolved ego. This took a lot of time for me to understand.
The ability to withstand the situations is what life is always about, and it will pass. In any situation whether it is happiness or sadness, success or failure, life or death everything passes. There exists nothing which is everything.
It’s okay to do wrong things or be ignorant, but when you noticed the change. Do change and live

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