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We know glasses right? From our spectacles, mirrors, cars, and windows, to our hearts. everything is as subtle as glass. One big hit oops it collapses then if we try to attach it back, there is no use. Again we have to collect all the pieces and do the process of making glass again to make it beautiful. Now this version will not remember what is the past version/model of how it was used.
In these glasses, there are two categories
1. In big shopping malls, small cafe shops, or mirrors at home. Their main job is blocking the way or reflecting what you are to you. If any object is placed in front of it for example gold, it will show gold; if it is a dustbin, the same reflects. It never discriminates among anything unless it is broken.
2. Some glasses are like screens of PCs or TVs just display what is there in the background of it. They don’t ask you anything or tell you anything. It just reflects what it is or what it has.
Similarly from one point of view, our life is like the screens of PCs or TVs. Whether we display, hear, listen, or do something, everything is because of the inside material. Is it bad? NO, then is it good? not good for a long time. The thing is we are more than that. We are more than the material we have gathered and more than the material we have collected or have been collecting.
From the second point of view, our situations in life, or like the first category of glasses block the way, any kind of situation whether it is happy, sad, angry, guilty, love, lust, or everything. Based on the situation we face different kinds of emotions and different sides of ourselves. Happy/good times in life represent those clean glasses where you can see hope for the future and stability in the present. Sad/angry/guilty times in life represent glasses during rain sometimes we just get lost in it but after the rain, we need to clean those glasses by ourselves to make it clear again, or else we know. But is it enough to just clean the glasses and keep them? no, when we see from one side of the glass the other side will always excite us, why does the glass make it that way? It will shine if any light falls on it which makes the saying that “The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence”, focus on yours.
Crossing that glass/breaking that glass is the solution. How do we do that? see, our situation length/quantity/period is similar to the thickness of the glass. Some glasses break easily which means pushing it a little is enough the answers will come but some will be too thick that if you push it, it won’t move, you lose patience then you kick it with your leg then also no chance you get hurt. At last, you take a rod and hit it. For the first hit it will show a crack, The second hit a little bit more crack after a few more hits with intensity then “IT COLLAPSES”. Now observe life situations, for small kinds of situations if you push it a little you always get solutions, bigger ones will teach you patience, strength, and courage to face the situation just to make sure that you are more than that situation. And the thing even if it is beautiful/ugly/rich/poor/broken/clear one has to move.

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