competition is a common thing and is important to grow and learn more about our strengths, however, it should not exceed the healthy limit and make space for your ego. If that happens we always want to win, even if we hurt someone we would not care.

As the title says “There is no one better than you!”. Yes, have you ever observed how we define someone as the best actor, writer, teacher, singer, artist, or any name with the tag “best”?

If we observe we say something as best in two conditions

  1. when the person whosoever playing the role of actor, singer, writer, teacher, entrepreneur, scientist, etc., does or represents something different from what exists in the normal form and if it amuses you or excites or makes you fall in love, gives hope or trust or something to believe in which doesn’t exist before, we define it as the best.
  2. Or if you have seen that person taking steps every day and progressing towards their best version of themselves, who took the wrong steps in front of you, corrected him/herself, and went forward.

But is there anything in this world that is considered as “the best”? Every day many new things/trends come up and those that are considered as new/trending might go unnoticed with in few days. Does that mean those which went unnoticed are not important or not the best?

No, my intention here is to let you know that I’ve observed that there is no the best. Everything is unique, there is no best writer he/she is a writer that’s it same goes with other professions like actors, players, doctors, engineers, etc., every art, every game, every day, every thing is “UNIQUE”.

We just go about in a day doing the same chores and our brain got so used to it with out even thinking twice we feel like burden, and specially when we want to do something creative we do get this fear what if my art is not the best? where in best you are looking for? In the world? In the country? In the state? In the family? In you. Every thought you do think or do not think everything is unique.

People do not start so many things in the life in the thought of what if we are not the best or it might not be the best? Is it wrong to have imperfect work? Other than pointing at someone/hurting someone if you are just falling in love with this ocean of life, everything you do every breath that you take is unique. It’s just that whether we are acknowledging that are not differs people from being successful or not successful.

Do not overthink about whether your art, thought is best or not. It’s yours and it came to you that’s it. Embrace it, give a chance to it and take action towards it. You will become the best version of yourself. your art also too!

Thank you,

Sola Jayasree.

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